Summer Sippin’: A Summer-Inspired Cocktail Event

One of Roswell’s most exciting events of the year, Summer Sippin’, is back for its second year in a row! Summer Sippin’, presented by Roswell Inc., is the sister event to Roswell Restaurant Week. It celebrates the amazing drink scene in Roswell while allowing all of us to weigh in and vote for the city’s best sip!

Otherside of 400 | Foundation Social Eatery | Summer Sippin' | ATL Bucket List

Otherside of 400 | Foundation Social Eatery

The Summer Sippin’ event runs from June 1 to July 31. This year, 25 awesome restaurants are creating a brand new cocktail for the event. Each is unique in its own way, but only one can be crowned the winner – and you get to choose! Click here for a full list of participating restaurants.

And while most of the “sips” are boozy cocktails, Summer Sippin’ has added in a few non-alcoholic beverages to let those not trying to get a buzz get involved. Look for drinks like iced coffee and juice, or simply ask for a non-alcoholic version of whatever is on the menu. But don’t worry, if you’re looking to get your drink on there will be plenty of alcoholic beverages to choose from!

Dragon Show | Sublime Tree | Summer Sippin' | ATL Bucket List

Dragon Show | Sublime Tree

Casting your vote is easy with the new Summer Sippin’ app! Download the app via the Apple app store or Google Play. By voting you will not only be helping choose Roswell’s best sip, but you will also have the chance to win event-related swag! And who doesn’t love swag…


Chartreuse Swizzle | Bistro VG | Summer Sippin' | ATL Bucket List

Chartreuse Swizzle | Bistro VG

Summer Sippin’ is the perfect event for the summer season. Grab your family, friends or special someone and head over to one (or a few!) of the 25 participating Roswell restaurants to sip on refreshing, summer-inspired cocktails and help crown one drink the ultimate sip!

This blog post was written in collaboration with Roswell Inc. but all thoughts and opinions remain my own. Photography by Angie Webb Creative.

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